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Lyman Rd. [08 May 2010|06:31pm]

There's a road in my town which is named Lyman. Every time I drive past, I think or say out loud, "Lemon Lyman! Lemon Lyman!"
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[04 Dec 2005|07:28pm]

I'd like to invite you all to check out a new/revamped community... it's called West Wing Challenge, and it's a challenge comm with a twist. Every week, a quote, lyric, or screencap will be posted, and entries can consist of either ICONS or FANFIC. All ships/characters are accepted. Check it out:

If you're interested in participating, a comment on the most recent entry would be much appreciated so the mod knows who the active members will be. It doesn't have to be an essay... a simple "I'm in!" will suffice :)

Anyway, give it a look...

x-posted everywhere. if this isn't allowed, apologies. i'll delete it. :)
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[18 Nov 2004|05:50pm]

I'd like to start a new community and was hoping for some feedback on whether or not I should and, if I do, if anyone would be interested in joining and posting. See cut for info.

new community ideasCollapse )

If you think there's no need for me to start this community because an extremely similiar one already exists, please let me know. If you're interested in the community, please let me know. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or opinions, please let me know!

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Icon request [09 Nov 2004|07:26pm]

I have an icon request. It involved characters from both The West Wing and Sports Night.

Please see my Sorkin/Jewish boys as reference/reason.

If anybody could make me an animated icon:

a pic of Josh with "Josh"

a pic of Dan with "Dan"

a pic of Toby with "Toby"

a pic of Jeremy with "Jeremy"

and then a black background with white text, "challa anyone?"

Yeah, I'm a nerd, get off my back.

X-posted to inthetallgrass, joshua_malina, bradleywhitford, notsosecret, sportsnight, tww_icons, and west_wing_fans
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[30 Sep 2004|11:14am]

I'm posting this in my journal as well as the communities I belong to (by the way, if anyone can tell me how to cross post things, I'd appreciate it):

I'm looking for the title of a Spanish language movie (not a current release, but not ancient, 80's or 90's) about a woman and a priest who fall in love. I know it's a period peace and the title is the woman's name (starts with a "C"), but I can't remember what it was. If you don't know, feel free to just ignore me. Thanks!
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New member [22 Jun 2004|06:36pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Just wanted to say hi. Newbie. I just started watching West Wing Season 1 on DVD at the end of May and Season 2 when it came out, but I fall fast and hard. *raises right hand* I'm in love with Josh Lyman (I try to keep my Bradley Whitford obsession under control since he's married). So I've only seen the first two seasons, but I'll do my best to keep up.

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I just joined! [11 Jun 2004|02:34pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I'm so happy there are other Josh lovers out there! And of course Bradley Whitford lovers too! All hail!

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i'm a newbie! [15 May 2004|12:12am]

[ mood | happy ]

Ok so I'm semi-new at this whole LJ thing, at least when it comes to communities, but I am a die hard West Wing fan and i LOVE Bradley Whitford. He never ceases to amaze me with his talent (and his hotness) So I think I can post here when I want yes? I don't know if someone can explain it to me that would be awesome. And I see lots of people with nifty LemonLyman icons...how would one be able to get such and icon?

And how about this weeks episode? I LOVE JOSH!


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[05 May 2004|10:19pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hi, I'm new to lj and to this group. Josh Lyman is one of my all time favorite characters, and I am constantly amazed by how incredibly talented Brad Whitford is! I've seen him in many other rolls, and I feel that Josh is his best.

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[04 Apr 2004|06:22pm]

hi, guys...i'm new here. i'm a huge fan of the west wing, and an equally big fan of josh/brad. just glad to find a group of people who share my adoration for him.

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[28 Jan 2004|11:47pm]

Okay, I’m just going to ask this once. I don’t know how the community is made up, what people do for jobs. I don’t know if any of you ARE administrative assistants, I don’t know if any of you HAVE administrative assistants, but I have to ask this to all of you.

Do secretaries GET better than Donna Moss? Do they even get to be AS GOOD as Donna? Charlie’s position is different, but with the sole possible exception of Charlie, does it get any better? Donna is just incredible. I want so badly to have a Donna Moss all of my very own. I wouldn’t even require her to be in love with me, which she very obiously is with Josh.

I’m just sayin’.

I’m gonna Cross-post this a bit, so sorry in advance for that.
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2003 Jeds winners announcement [20 Jan 2004|12:15am]
The 2003 Jeds committee would like to officially announce the winners in this year's Jeds West Wing Fanfiction awards. Head on over to the Jeds website and click on 'winners'.

The committee's thanks go to every one of you who nominated stories, voted, came back to vote in the final round, sent kudos, informed us in the politest ways possible of the snags. The response has been tremendous, and you all helped make it worth all the work.

Final voting in the 2003 Jeds [07 Jan 2004|10:29pm]
Final Voting in the 2003 Jeds is now open and runs for a total of ten days. Click on the nominees link at the site to cast your votes for the best of the finalists.

Each category has the top five stories listed (if there are more, it means that there was an unbroken tie, and we didn't want to exclude anyone who received enough votes to get to the third round!). Go vote for one story in each category - the one you truly believe was the best of the year. Final Voting runs through January 17, 2004.

Primary voting ends December 31st [28 Dec 2003|02:27pm]
This is a reminder that Primary Voting in the 2003 Jeds ends on Wednesday, December 31st. If you haven't had a chance to make it over to the site (click on 'nominees') and cast your votes yet, now is the time!

In this round, you get to browse all 44 categories of nominated stories and vote for your five favorites in each one. The top five stories in each category will make it to the final round of voting.

Primary Voting begins December 10th [09 Dec 2003|07:27am]
This is a reminder that Primary Voting in the 2003 Jeds opens TONIGHT (when the clock strikes midnight Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, December 10th, 2003), and runs through December 31st.

In this round, you get to browse all 44 categories of nominated stories and vote for your five favorites. The top five stories in each category will make it to the final round of voting. Just click on "nominees" at the Jeds website.

Happy holidays to all, and happy voting!

Jeds nominations period ends tonight [30 Nov 2003|02:07pm]
This is a reminder that the nominations in the 2003 Jeds end at midnight Eastern Standard Time at the end of today (November 30th). Get your last-minute nominations in!

Countdown to Open Nominations [10 Nov 2003|04:28pm]
Open Nominations for the 2003 Jeds begin on November 15th, at midnight Eastern Standard Time. Any fan stories you wish to have eligible for consideration in the 2003 Jeds should be posted before then.

Get your nominations ready! It's almost time!

[17 Oct 2003|03:15pm]

I just joined this community, I've noticed it's not super active but I thought I'd say hi.

I've just recently started watching the show, the reruns on Bravo, and I'm completely addicted despite my general dislike for TV. I find myself strangely drawn to Josh's character, especially after the first episodes of the second season (when he was in the hospital, etc).

I looked at some graphs of who gets the most screen time, and it turns out that in some seasons, Josh is the secret star of the show, not the President.

... am I the only one that occasionally considers volunteering for a campaign now, in hopes of someday being kinda like Donna? :)
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The 2003 Jeds [15 Oct 2003|10:20pm]
The Jeds are back, for a third consecutive year!

Yeeha! [31 May 2003|04:15pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Bradley Whitford is one of my favorite actors ever. If you see the picture, that is me and Bradley. I got to meet him when he was in Washington DC in January taping the "Inaguration" episodes. The scene I saw taped was when they were in 'Georgetown' (it was really Dupont Circle) and they were throwing snoballs at Donna's apt. window. He was SO nice. I didn't think celebrities could be that nice.

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